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13 Jul

Baška – Interesting sights

Mrgari are dry wall buildings that take the shape of stone flowers, and are intended for the temporary collection and classification of sheep owned by different people. During the year, the sheep get mixed up since they graze freely on the heights that encircle the valley of Baška. Mrgari are normally over ten metres long, and the largest one can hold up to 1500 sheep. A few times a year shepherds carry out the joint activity of classifying the sheep. This is when they look at and separate their own flock into small mrgarice that look like petals, and encircle the central mrgara or “pen”.
These beautiful examples of local architecture can only be found on the southern most point of the Island of Krk, and the uninhabited neighbouring island of Prvić. There are around 15 in total and most of them are still in use. There are only two other places in Europe where similar constructions can be found – Great Britain (Wales) and Iceland.


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