The growing trend of healthy and active living – a life devoted to motion, recreation and challenges is what encouraged the transformation of Baška into a destination that can offer much more than a conventional holiday. Feel the excitement, the Energy and the rush that come from direct contact with Baška!

The climate of the Baška Valley is ideal for an active vacation because you can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. Activities take place in the natural surroundings that fascinate visitors with its unusual features.

Whether you are a fan of hiking, running, biking, climbing, diving or sailing or even if you just love to spend your time outdoors, Baška landscapes will enrich your experience providing a fantastic backdrop for your activities. Baška never stops to amaze and this was proven by experiences of thousands of participants in sporting events hosted in Baška: The Hiking Weekend in Baška, Baška Bike Sunday, Photo & Hike Weekend and the always popular 4 Islands MTB Stage Race – mountain bike stage race that gathers professionals and passionate amateurs from more than 30 countries. As implied by the name itself, the race connects four islands but it starts in Baška whose beautiful nature secures a spectacular first impression for all participants. All these events invite visitors to explore the offers of active life in Baška from spring to autumn. Their reactions and enthusiasm alone led to the creation of Baška Outdoor Festival, a three day event that brings together different popular sports activities and brings all lovers of active life in one place. The event is taking place in the middle of October when hikers and climbers from all sides close a season together. The impressions we have gathered so far only motivate us to improve this celebration of healthy life in organizing high level of biking and hiking races that start and end exactly in Baška.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE The variety of the outdoor offer in Baška allows each visitor to engage in a wide range of activities making Baška outdoor experience unique. There are 19 marked hiking routes, 3 marked biking routes and 3 different climbing locations. If you enjoy water sports, you can sail, dive and surf in Baška. You can test the terrain for the sport you are good at and also discover a new sport to fall in love with.