Feel the excitement, the energy and the rush that come from direct contact with Baska!

We trust you will be delighted by picturesque narrow streets and fishermen’s and peasants’ houses of the old part of Baška. Their unique atmosphere will inspire the photographer in you. Take your time, as there is no lack of gorgeous motifs and details. A walk through the streets of old Baška will take you to the first house built there, back in 1525. Have a quiet coffee in a small café, or a glass of wine in an old Baškan wine cellar, and you will definitely sense the spirit of its romantic past. The old part of Baška also hosts its Regional museum and many galleries.

In Baška you can find original Croatian products; several shops offer an excellent choice of foodstuff, so you can give yourself a chance to cook with local ingredients and specialties. If you love getting up early and enjoy fish and seafood, you can buy fresh catch from fishermen and enjoy preparing it on your own.

We recommend Baška to families, lovers of sports and to young people wishing to just have fun. It is the right place for anyone who loves spending holidays in a big tourist place, offering a variety of well-organized additional activities.
You are sincerely welcomed to have a pleasant holiday at Baška and Villa Mare by the Žilavčić family.

See you in Baška!