Baška is surrounded by rocky landscapes catching the eye. Find out what makes Baska such an irresistible and unique destination for your unforgettable journey…

Baška is situated in a quiet valley, through which flows the only island’s river—Vela Rika, at a bay surrounded by vineyards, olive orchards, growths of Spanish broom, with a picturesque backdrop of the rocky mountain of Velebit and the isle of Prvić. All of these seem to naturally protect a unique, 1800 meters long beach, rightfully considered to be one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic.
Baška has won a number of prestigious tourist awards, thus claiming its place at the very top of Croatian tourism.

Baška is surrounded by rocky landscapes catching the eye. For the lovers of climbing, there are 19 well-marked tourist trails, with a combined length of over 80km. They range from easy to demanding, according to anyone’s wishes, abilities and mood. Ancient shepherd paths will take you through herb-scented landscapes to breath-taking belvederes above Baška.
If you love hiking, the surrounding hills and coves will take you not only to gorgeous beaches, but also to remains of old settlements—some of them over 1.500 years old.

See you in Baška!